Thursday, May 28, 2009

Diya's Kitchen

Diya and her mom in the kitchen.. Diya has a short stories book which her mother reads and she tells her mom that she is gonna read that book and teach her mom how to cook.. so she will read and mom will cook ...

Diya (seriously looking in to the book) : You can make 2009 bread to rice... (????)
Mother ( shocked look but anxiously waiting for the rest ) : WHAT??
Diya : to make this.. first... Your pappa should be rich !!! only then he can buy  this and you can make this..

recipe ends there!


Diya : Now i will read how to make tasty spicy crab curry..
Mom.. : OK!!!
Diya : take some crab.. tell your mother to make some tasty curry... pour the curry on the crab.. mix it on the crab nicely with you hand and make it spicy.. pour some hot water and the crab curry is ready..... ( the sweetest smile of satisfaction seen on her face)

so the ingredients essential to make crab curry is simple.. crabs and a mummy to make the curry!


Hearing all this and a lot more which her mother now forgot.. she remembers only the many many times she laughed aloud hearing diyas cooking skills.. she asks diya.. how much will you make me laugh my dear... ? diya looks seriously into the book searching for the answer to her mothers question and says.. yes i got it.. its here.. writtten.. the answer is ..... VERY MUCH!! 

seeing her  mother not attendning to her cookery lessons.. and concentrating more on her smile and actions and smiling without learning the lessons taught.. diya warns with a serious face again..  " If you get naughty.. you will forget to cook!"

Diya: How to make tea for your husband.. tea is same as coffee.. so u  must make coffee for your huband... 

her mom didnt know it was as simple as that!!


Till next lessons from diyas kitchen.. i say bye bye to all of you..

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