Monday, June 29, 2009

Who is more beautiful

Diya went to church with her parents.. she saw a beautiful philipino girl.. in a pink dress.. she looked like an angel..

Diya : mamma see one girl... she is so beautiful..
Mom: (after seeing the girl), yes diya she is very pretty.. but who is more pretty? that girl or you?
Diya: (smiling and touching her moms cheecks) she is as beautiful and cute as YOU!
Mom: ok.. then tell me who is more beautiful, mummy or you?
Diya:( in a split second) mamma.. i am more beautiful!

so who is more beautiful, the philipino girl or Diya? :)

Pink & White

Diya has a strawberry cone ice cream and her mother has a Vanila cone.. They both are debating that their's is the best.
Diya: My pink ice cream will make me pink....
Mom: My white ice cream will make me white...
Diya: this will make me pink like a princess..
Mom: This will make me white like an angel..
Diya: this will make my lips pink like a strawberry..
Mom: this will make my teeth white like Jesus' teeth...
Diya: this will make me beautiful like that red rose.. (pointing to a vase with roses)
Mom: this will make me beautiful like a white rose... (seeeing white roses too in the vase)
Diya: the red one is more beautiful than the white one
Mom:(checked if she was right) and lowered her voice "yes, you are right, red looks more beautiful".. Diya smiles ...
Diya: Pink makes me beautiful like a barbie doll.. and white makes u scary like GHOSTS...
Mom: I give up..


Flowers are so beautiful..
Flowers are so healthy..
Dont pluck the flowers..
else the petals will cry..

Sun, Stars and Moon

There is only one sun..
There are no five suns..
There are many many stars...
But the moon is only one..


I want the colour blue..
the sea is blue..
the clouds are blue..
every place i see..
I want to make it blue..

Mango tree and Diya

One two three..
there was a mango tree..
one two three..
the tree is looking at me...
one two three ..
oh 3 mangoes fell on me!..

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Diya and Mummy

Diya: what happens when people grow old.?
Mom: they grow weak and then.... they die...
Diya : Mom will you grow old too?
Mom: Yes i too .. my hair will become white..  and one day i too will die..
Diya No .. colour your hair so that you will always remain younnnnnnnng..
Mom: No when i am young i will colour my hair but not when i am old.. will Diya colour your hair when you become old??
Diya : ofcourse .. i dont want to look old.. !and i dont want to die also.. i want to be young always and always and always..

Diya's mother thought Diya would follow her footsteps..  but Diya is more goal oriented!! 

Diya and Pappa

Pappa is worried seeing that Diya is turning naughty and disobedient as days go by.. and says her mother doesnt know ow to advice a kid.. so one night Diya and pappa are on the bed.. pappa is in the mood to Advice.. 

Pappa: Diya.. You must obey your parents.. understand what they are saying and be a good girl..  why are u naughty always.. ??  ( expecting the child to be sorrry about being naughty)
Diya : Ohooo Pappa dont u know I am  a kid!!! and kids are naughty!! they will listen to you only when they become 10 years old.. once i am 10 years i will obey you ok????
Pappa(Enlightened by the knowledge transfer, looks at the mother of his kid.. and gives a defeated smile and says..  OK diya.. i am sorry..
Diya: Thast ok Pappa...  (and continues her routine talks and games)

thats the end of the story.. 
Moral : Be ready to learn when you try to teach kids.. 

Diya and amma

Diya : Mom are u 89 years old?
Mom: No Diya, i will be 32 very soon..
Diya: so now u are 31?
Mom (happy that she used her common sense) : yes dear (thumbs up!) you are right!!
Diya: So sad you are going to grow old and old and old and fly away soon with the wind..
Mom is silent at her common sense this time...  :) lost in thought with her journey with the wind!! :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Confused author who confuses the readers.. Diya!

once upon a time .. there was a man, the mans name was kabooon.. and he walked somewhere else to find some place to drink some water because he was poor and he dont have any water to drink and eat.. and no wife and no daughters.. then after he found a place where there was full of water and he drank it and then he didnt not have any son or daughter so he told jesus jesus u have to give me a girl daughter and jesus gave him a wife and a daughter and the wife cooked for the daughter and the daughter was very cruel but she only likes her pappa and not her mom.. and next day the girl told God i dont want this mother i want another mother and god gave one another mother to the girl and she was a step mother.. she was very cruel.. and one day there was a party and in the party there was one young nice prince which was not cruel.. the cruel stepmother wanted to marry that prince so she told the girl not to come becaz she was a crueeeeeeeeeeel step mother.. so  her pappa stiched a dress for the daughter but the step mother was angry and the father was sad.. he became angry and threw the dress out.. the woman went to the party with the father to the prince;s party.. the girl wanted to go to the place and she was sad but she had an idea.. she made some food for her parents and when the stepmother and the father comes after the party.. she ate and grew up.. and her step mother was happy to see a grown up daughter and then she started taking her to the parties..

Well thats for.. Yes Pathu again.. 

Baby fish who didnt want to marry

once upon a time there was a small baby fish and a pappa fish.. and the baby fish was so sad and it was crying because it didnt have any mother.. only the pappa fish was tehre to feed him and he grew up the baby fish and when he grew up he said pappa pappa i dont want to marry any wife.. pappa said hey u have to marry u have to marry.. baby fish said No pappa fish said yes... (5 times repeacted..) and pappa beat him and said Yes. and then baby fish had to say ok.. and the baby fish was sad and he went off from his pappa and he went to another pond and he lay there.. and the pappa was swimming to see where is his child... and he could not find.. so he went to another pond .. and he found the baby fish and he was angry and said why did u try to went to another pond... and the baby fish said sorry pappa... 

Yes that tooo for Pathu..

First story recorded...

Once upon a time there was a bear. he was playing but he was absolutely sad because he dont have any friends to play.. and there was a chick and the chick wants to play with the bear and the bear told .. No i dont want to play with you you are very smalll.. and the chick was crying and when the chick was crying the bear thought " poor chick.. and said ok play.. and after the chick played.. it could not push its leg and when it pushed its leg broke and it said.. ahhhh my leg broke and the bear saoid oh my dear your leg broke and he took some water fromt he pond and rubbed it on the chicks leg and asked is it paining now.. and the chick said.. thank you my friend now its not paining.. thank you so much..

For Pathu...

Diya's Kitchen

Diya and her mom in the kitchen.. Diya has a short stories book which her mother reads and she tells her mom that she is gonna read that book and teach her mom how to cook.. so she will read and mom will cook ...

Diya (seriously looking in to the book) : You can make 2009 bread to rice... (????)
Mother ( shocked look but anxiously waiting for the rest ) : WHAT??
Diya : to make this.. first... Your pappa should be rich !!! only then he can buy  this and you can make this..

recipe ends there!


Diya : Now i will read how to make tasty spicy crab curry..
Mom.. : OK!!!
Diya : take some crab.. tell your mother to make some tasty curry... pour the curry on the crab.. mix it on the crab nicely with you hand and make it spicy.. pour some hot water and the crab curry is ready..... ( the sweetest smile of satisfaction seen on her face)

so the ingredients essential to make crab curry is simple.. crabs and a mummy to make the curry!


Hearing all this and a lot more which her mother now forgot.. she remembers only the many many times she laughed aloud hearing diyas cooking skills.. she asks diya.. how much will you make me laugh my dear... ? diya looks seriously into the book searching for the answer to her mothers question and says.. yes i got it.. its here.. writtten.. the answer is ..... VERY MUCH!! 

seeing her  mother not attendning to her cookery lessons.. and concentrating more on her smile and actions and smiling without learning the lessons taught.. diya warns with a serious face again..  " If you get naughty.. you will forget to cook!"

Diya: How to make tea for your husband.. tea is same as coffee.. so u  must make coffee for your huband... 

her mom didnt know it was as simple as that!!


Till next lessons from diyas kitchen.. i say bye bye to all of you..

When Poems overflowed!

There was one man and he was climbing on a rainbow..
and he slipped on a stone and he broke his bones
and everybody kissed him and he then was alright.. 

Another one for pathu...

When Love overflowed Diya...

I love you my dear
You are very good
please hold your angels hand
and fly like a wind.

In reply to her present best friend whom she has not seen.. she calls her pathu...

First poem

I am getting smell of food..
Is it from your spoon..
Or is it from this room..!

Instant poem created and sung while seeing her mom cooking some nonveg!!