Thursday, May 28, 2009

Baby fish who didnt want to marry

once upon a time there was a small baby fish and a pappa fish.. and the baby fish was so sad and it was crying because it didnt have any mother.. only the pappa fish was tehre to feed him and he grew up the baby fish and when he grew up he said pappa pappa i dont want to marry any wife.. pappa said hey u have to marry u have to marry.. baby fish said No pappa fish said yes... (5 times repeacted..) and pappa beat him and said Yes. and then baby fish had to say ok.. and the baby fish was sad and he went off from his pappa and he went to another pond and he lay there.. and the pappa was swimming to see where is his child... and he could not find.. so he went to another pond .. and he found the baby fish and he was angry and said why did u try to went to another pond... and the baby fish said sorry pappa... 

Yes that tooo for Pathu..

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