Saturday, May 30, 2009

Diya and Mummy

Diya: what happens when people grow old.?
Mom: they grow weak and then.... they die...
Diya : Mom will you grow old too?
Mom: Yes i too .. my hair will become white..  and one day i too will die..
Diya No .. colour your hair so that you will always remain younnnnnnnng..
Mom: No when i am young i will colour my hair but not when i am old.. will Diya colour your hair when you become old??
Diya : ofcourse .. i dont want to look old.. !and i dont want to die also.. i want to be young always and always and always..

Diya's mother thought Diya would follow her footsteps..  but Diya is more goal oriented!! 


  1. Diya is a thinking child and has her own mind.Smart girl with an intelligent mom to guide

  2. extremly glad to be a small part in Diya's journey ...

    ohh looks like her mom is too frank oops ...

    ei Diya one more thing to add to what mom said, growing up is not growing old tto?

    i m glad you are getting it right little one ..