Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Confused author who confuses the readers.. Diya!

once upon a time .. there was a man, the mans name was kabooon.. and he walked somewhere else to find some place to drink some water because he was poor and he dont have any water to drink and eat.. and no wife and no daughters.. then after he found a place where there was full of water and he drank it and then he didnt not have any son or daughter so he told jesus jesus u have to give me a girl daughter and jesus gave him a wife and a daughter and the wife cooked for the daughter and the daughter was very cruel but she only likes her pappa and not her mom.. and next day the girl told God i dont want this mother i want another mother and god gave one another mother to the girl and she was a step mother.. she was very cruel.. and one day there was a party and in the party there was one young nice prince which was not cruel.. the cruel stepmother wanted to marry that prince so she told the girl not to come becaz she was a crueeeeeeeeeeel step mother.. so  her pappa stiched a dress for the daughter but the step mother was angry and the father was sad.. he became angry and threw the dress out.. the woman went to the party with the father to the prince;s party.. the girl wanted to go to the place and she was sad but she had an idea.. she made some food for her parents and when the stepmother and the father comes after the party.. she ate and grew up.. and her step mother was happy to see a grown up daughter and then she started taking her to the parties..

Well thats for.. Yes Pathu again.. 

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  1. Pathu is indeed lucky to have a great story teller as her best friend!