Monday, June 29, 2009

Who is more beautiful

Diya went to church with her parents.. she saw a beautiful philipino girl.. in a pink dress.. she looked like an angel..

Diya : mamma see one girl... she is so beautiful..
Mom: (after seeing the girl), yes diya she is very pretty.. but who is more pretty? that girl or you?
Diya: (smiling and touching her moms cheecks) she is as beautiful and cute as YOU!
Mom: ok.. then tell me who is more beautiful, mummy or you?
Diya:( in a split second) mamma.. i am more beautiful!

so who is more beautiful, the philipino girl or Diya? :)

Pink & White

Diya has a strawberry cone ice cream and her mother has a Vanila cone.. They both are debating that their's is the best.
Diya: My pink ice cream will make me pink....
Mom: My white ice cream will make me white...
Diya: this will make me pink like a princess..
Mom: This will make me white like an angel..
Diya: this will make my lips pink like a strawberry..
Mom: this will make my teeth white like Jesus' teeth...
Diya: this will make me beautiful like that red rose.. (pointing to a vase with roses)
Mom: this will make me beautiful like a white rose... (seeeing white roses too in the vase)
Diya: the red one is more beautiful than the white one
Mom:(checked if she was right) and lowered her voice "yes, you are right, red looks more beautiful".. Diya smiles ...
Diya: Pink makes me beautiful like a barbie doll.. and white makes u scary like GHOSTS...
Mom: I give up..


Flowers are so beautiful..
Flowers are so healthy..
Dont pluck the flowers..
else the petals will cry..

Sun, Stars and Moon

There is only one sun..
There are no five suns..
There are many many stars...
But the moon is only one..


I want the colour blue..
the sea is blue..
the clouds are blue..
every place i see..
I want to make it blue..

Mango tree and Diya

One two three..
there was a mango tree..
one two three..
the tree is looking at me...
one two three ..
oh 3 mangoes fell on me!..

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Diya and Mummy

Diya: what happens when people grow old.?
Mom: they grow weak and then.... they die...
Diya : Mom will you grow old too?
Mom: Yes i too .. my hair will become white..  and one day i too will die..
Diya No .. colour your hair so that you will always remain younnnnnnnng..
Mom: No when i am young i will colour my hair but not when i am old.. will Diya colour your hair when you become old??
Diya : ofcourse .. i dont want to look old.. !and i dont want to die also.. i want to be young always and always and always..

Diya's mother thought Diya would follow her footsteps..  but Diya is more goal oriented!!