Saturday, May 30, 2009

Diya and Pappa

Pappa is worried seeing that Diya is turning naughty and disobedient as days go by.. and says her mother doesnt know ow to advice a kid.. so one night Diya and pappa are on the bed.. pappa is in the mood to Advice.. 

Pappa: Diya.. You must obey your parents.. understand what they are saying and be a good girl..  why are u naughty always.. ??  ( expecting the child to be sorrry about being naughty)
Diya : Ohooo Pappa dont u know I am  a kid!!! and kids are naughty!! they will listen to you only when they become 10 years old.. once i am 10 years i will obey you ok????
Pappa(Enlightened by the knowledge transfer, looks at the mother of his kid.. and gives a defeated smile and says..  OK diya.. i am sorry..
Diya: Thast ok Pappa...  (and continues her routine talks and games)

thats the end of the story.. 
Moral : Be ready to learn when you try to teach kids.. 


  1. Be ready to learn when you try to teach kids
    Yes, I have had humpteen such learning experiences.Diya is indeed a sharp girl.

  2. go diya go .. :-) :-P

    the realization that you are a kid keeps you a cut above ...

    i read somwhere, the best way enjoy a circus is to visit it with a kid!